Runner and cyclist, Jeremy Nelson, was unsatisfied with the massage and recovery products available for endurance athletes.  After coming home tired from training, the thought of rolling around the basement floor on a foam roller or using the “stick”, that often times feels like a 2nd workout, didn’t sound too appealing.  He knew there had to be a better way.

The goals:

  • Build a tool that has all the massage force built into it for deep myofascial release
  • Fit different body sizes and target the muscle groups primarily used by endurance athletes
  • Provide a “flushing-effect” to move the blood and flush out waste products
  • Keep it portable so athletes can take it to races, use right after workouts, or simply keep it on the coffee table

Concept sketches in a notebook evolved to a house full of hardware, springs, wheels and prototypes.  Luckily, his wife, professional marathoner, Adriana Nelson, didn’t mind the mess and eagerly tried and tested every prototype.  After 1.5 years of development, the designs were narrowed down, refined, and one clear winner arose.  The R8.

It would have never happened without the help of the athletes, therapists, friends and mentors that helped influence the design of the R8. For ROLL Recovery™ to be a successful company, we need the best people out there to join our team. We’re a small scrappy bunch but we like to believe we’re big and tough.

Jeremy Nelson


Jeremy is a product designer that studied Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University and Product Creation at Stanford University. His number one career goal is to design creative products that improve the lives of others. His interests lie in industrial design, architecture, endurance sports and playing in the mountains.

Adriana Nelson


This little lady stays awfully busy. Adriana is a world-class distance runner that spends half her days training and the other half helping Jeremy and the team to be at the top of their game. She holds a B.Sc. degree in Kinesiology from University of Texas, El Paso, TX. Adriana was 2nd in the 2007 Chicago Marathon and the USA Half Marathon Champion in 2013.

Nuta Olaru

Quality Control Manager

Nuta is an olympian, holds numerous national championships (from her native country, Romania) and is still competing at the top elite level. Besides being inspirational and kind hearted, she’s also obsessed with the details and makes sure everything going out the door is perfect.

Matt Hensley

Sales & Marketing Manager

With years experience in the endurance sports industry, Matt directs our retail sales and marketing efforts to keep ROLL Recovery roll’n. He has a BA in Advertising and Masters in International Business at University of Florida. And on the running scene he’s no slouch with a blazing 2:19 marathon time set at the 2014 Boston Marathon. His goal is to make the Olympic Trails Qualifier.

Anuta Catuna

General Operations

Anuta is our inspiration. She’s the 1996 New York City Marathon champion and two-time Olympian for Romania in the marathon. Being one of the best marathoners in the world, you would never know it because of her modesty – and she holds the world record for niceness. Anuta ensures our operations stays in tiptop shape.

Andy Wacker

General Operations Manager 

Andy ensures our ship is sailing smoothly and pointed in the right direction.  He holds a Masters of Science degree in Biology from CU and is an extremely accomplished runner.  A stud on CU's track & XC team, Andy can mix it up with the best of them on the roads, track and then go win a mountain race in The Shire from Middle-earth.  The "A" in Andy stands for awesome.  

Martin Medina

Quality Control & Events 

There are those kind of people in this world that are just plain hardworking, easy going and fun to work with.  Martin is this kind of guy.  Ordered any ROLL Recovery products recently?  Chances are high Martin ensured it got to you smoothly.  He is also a top level runner having run with the buffs on CU's Track & XC team.  

Samuel Wu

Industrial Designer

Being a design focused company means we need the best talent.  Samuel's exceptional attention to detail and ability to express our voice through design has shaped and guided our future developments.  Samuel is a huge asset to our ROLL Recovery team.