Here is where we’ll answer the questions we’ve heard more than once.  If you don’t see your question answered here, you can shoot us an email:  info@rollrecovery.com

Shipping & Handling

How do you ship domestic orders?

Orders placed before 1pm MST (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) will be shipped out the same day.    Please allow up to 24 hours for tracking to update to your email after the item has been shipped.  Orders do not get shipped during the weekend or national holidays.

For expedited shipping methods here are a few scenarios to keep in mind:

If ordering UPS 2-Day after 1pm MST on Thursday, it will ship on Friday and arrive on Tuesday.

If ordering UPS 2-Day before 1pm MST on Thursday, it will ship on Thursday and arrive on Monday.

UPS will not deliver on Saturdays unless it is an Overnight Shipment to a residential address.  USPS will deliver on Saturdays to residential addresses.

How do you ship international orders?

Shipping charges do not include duties or taxes.  By law we are required to disclose the full value of the package contents.  For international orders we ship via UPS Worldwide Expedited.  The usual shipping times range from 3-7 days, depending on your country.  In some cases, USPS Priority International service will be used where UPS is out of network.  This will increase ship time by 7-10 business days.

Please allow up to 48 hours for the tracking information to be updated in your email (after you receive the automatic email with your order confirmation).

PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR ADDRESS WAS INPUT CORRECTLY.  For an incorrect address that requires the package to be returned to ROLL Recovery, you will be refunded the full purchase price of the product but not the original shipping amount paid.  Please note this.  If you would like the package sent again, please contact us to arrange new shipping.

We do our best to make sure the package goes through as smooth as possible. For international orders, we cannot accept returns due to the time and cost of shipping.  Countries may request customs on duties be paid before delivery.  This is out of our control so please understand your country’s policies on duties and taxes before ordering.  Returned orders due to unpaid duties and taxes will only be refunded the purchase price and not the shipping costs.

Do you ship to military APO/FPO/DPO?

Yes, for military APO/FPO/DPO we use USPS Priority Mail.  Shipping times will vary depending on many circumstances but we will arrange the shipment to go out same day the order comes in before 2pm (mountain time).


What is your warranty?

ROLL Recovery guarantees our products for 1-year from the original purchase date for any issues or damage related to the instructed use of the product.  If there is a defect in the materials or workmanship of your ROLL Recovery product (gasp!), we will move mountains to right our wrong.  ROLL Recovery reserves the right to decide if the product will be repaired or replaced.  For any issues regarding service, repairs or replacement, please send a message to service@rollrecovery.com.

What is your return policy?

We stand by our product 100%.  If you are dissatisfied or it does not fit your needs for any reason return it to the address below and we will issue a full refund for the purchased price (not including optional expedited shipping costs).  Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns from international customers due to the shipping time and cost.  If you plan on making a return, please do so within 30 days of the purchase.

ROLL Recovery – Returns
1668 Valtec Ln, STE H
Boulder, CO  80301 

Is the spring force adjustable?

We designed the R8 to be very simple to use.  It incorporates a variable torsion spring that applies more force to larger muscle groups and less to smaller muscle groups.  It was designed to apply a deep tissue massage — and some say it will “hurt so good”.  If you need more or less force, you can use the handles to gently push in or out to increase or reduce the massage force.

What is the easiest way to open the R8 to put it on my leg?

There is no need to open the unit to put it on your leg (it has a lot of force and can be hard to open). Simply roll it on to your leg as shown in our demo video.

Can I use the R8 on my arms?

Yes you can!  Although the R8 was primarily designed for the lower extremities, the R8 works wonders on wrist flexors, forearms flexors, and even biceps and triceps.

Where can I read reviews on your products?

We have been receiving a lot of great reviews both from major media outlets and everyday people. A lot of reviews come from our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as emails.  You can view a selection of them here.

Should I roll over my bones?

No. It is important to avoid bones while using the R8 and with massage in general.  Focus on soft tissues only as shown in our demo video.

Even though your bones may ache, a lot of the stress could be coming from tight muscles putting a strain on your joints.  Massage can greatly improve this.

How do I maintain the R8?

The R8 was designed to be mostly maintenance free but certain areas should be routinely checked.  Nuts, bolts, and fasteners:  Check tightness before use and occasionally throughout the product’s lifecycle.

If any hardware has become loose, retighten and/or use Loctite Threadlocker 242 to keep it nice and tight.  Inspect torsion springs are in working order and not damaged.  Use mild detergent or soap to clean dirt or stains off the product.  Avoid moisture to ABEC 5 roller bearings.

What if I hear noise or squeaking when using the R8?

The R8 was designed to be silent and should not make noise or squeak.  If yours does, try a quick spray of WD-40 on the torsion springs.  This should do the trick.  As with any moving parts or machinery, there is a chance it needs lubrication.

Is it better to use it before or after an activity?

Both!  Massage has been shown to stimulate blood circulation and improve muscle flexibility.  Massage treatments have certainly been more popular after activities but give it a try before your next workout and see how you feel.  Our personal preference is to do a quick session, maybe 3-5 minutes on each leg before an activity and directly after do a quick flush (for more recommendations, read the next question).

How long should I use the R8?

There are no set rules when it comes to massage but we’ll tell you how we’ve found the R8 to be most effective.  You might have found your perfect recipe for the R8 so stick with that – or you can also get advice from a trained therapist or doctor.  There aren’t any exact measurements of time that can predict when you need massage and how long you need it as it really depends on your own body and how you feel.

Before Activity:  As mentioned above, we’ve found doing a quick session before an activity stimulates blood circulation to muscles and breaks up or smooths out any muscle adhesions.  We’ll do roughly 3-5 minutes on each leg, starting with the major muscle groups first, such as quads/hamstrings, IT-bands/adductors, piriformis/hip-flexors and then move down to calves/shins and Achilles tendon.

Immediately After Activity:  While you’re still warmed up and just finishing an effort, do a quick flush with the R8 using a faster motion and start with the larger muscle groups first.  This will help flush out the legs and keep your muscles loose and efficient.  We call this the “ROLL-Down Flush”.  It’s been shown that massage directly after workouts can assist your body’s natural function of reducing swelling and removing waste products.

1-3 Days After & Routine Maintenance:  One technique we use quite often is what we call the “Point-Release Technique” or myofascial release therapy.  This technique will help break up muscle adhesions and relax contracted muscles.  We’ll start really slow over the area and let the R8 apply the force while gently rolling back and forth over the area.  If it is too sensitive at first, you can gently pull out on the handles to reduce massage force.  As you work the area you can increase massage speed as well as force.  You may even get to the point where you are pushing in on the handles to apply more force.  After a bit of time working the spot (it could be 1 minute or 15 minutes), you should start to feel it loosening up, although it still might be sensitive.  You’ll especially notice the improvement a day or so after the treatment once your body has a chance to react to the massage.

Keep up with routine massage and you could very well prevent injuries and keep your body healthy.  Leave the R8 at the office, on the coffee table or in your gym bag.  Just be sure to keep it handy and use it often!

What sports is the R8 designed to be used in conjunction with?

While it was conceived with runners, cyclist and triathletes in mind the R8 works great with any activity that produces sore muscles. We have talked to swimmers, professional baseball players, hockey players, soldiers, cyclists, hikers and many others who all love the R8.

What if I am not an athlete but need massage?

This has to be one of the most asked questions.  The founder of NIKE, Bill Bowerman, once said, “if you have a body, you’re an athlete.”   He couldn’t have been more right.  Just because you don’t play a sport doesn’t mean you don’t need a massage and won’t benefit from massage.  The R8 has been very popular with long-distance travelers, office workers who sit a lot, and senior citizens that find foam rolling hard and almost impossible (like most of us).  Yes, we have a lot of elite runners and athletes on our site but truth be told, there are much more of us out in the world that aren’t elite but have aching, sore legs and need relief.

Can I carry the R8 on a plane with me?

Yes. The R8 fits fine in a carry on bag and has no trouble getting though security. The R8 works great on long flights to prevent stiffness and indue you arrive at your destination with fresh legs.

How can I become a ROLL Recovery sponsored athlete?

Send an email to info@rollrecovery.com outlining your achievements in your sport and why you think you would make a good ambassador for ROLL recovery. Due to the large volume of sponsorship requests we receive we cannot respond to everyone. Thanks for your interest!

What if I love the R8 too much?

Don’t let it get in the way of your relationships, but if you really love it that much please tell your friends! Thanks!

How do I find a dealer in my area?

We have a great network of dealers across the country.  Please visit our Dealer Locator page to find a store near you.  If you have questions, you can send an email to info@rollrecovery.com with an inquiry.

Can I sit on the couch, watch TV and have a normal conversation with the people next to me while using the roller?

Yes you can!   The R8 is very easy to use. It does not require the effort of a second workout to use it to its full potential!  It is best used while relaxing and enjoying your time.