Justin Gillette

Written by: jeremy nelson / Posted: March 20, 2012


[one_three_first]Marathon Runner, Goshen, IN.[br][br][line][list style=”arrowright”]
[li]51 Career Wins (2nd American All-Time)[/li][li]11 Marathon Course Records[/li][li]104 Career Marathons[/li][li]3 Time NAIA All-American Marathon Runner[/li][li]Marathon: 2:25:44[/li][li]Half-Marathon: 1:10:18[/li]


[quote author=”Justin Gillette”]To do this kind of volume I am always looking to gain an edge in recovery.[/quote][line]

Website: www.gilletterunning.blogspot.com
Facebook: Gilletterunning





[one_two_first]Justin never stops.  He has won 51 marathons.  Yes, that is correct, 51!  That is 1,336.2 miles of WINNING.  And by the time you finish reading this he probably won another.  He has run 104 marathons in his career and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down any. [/one_two_first]

[one_two_last]Just last year Justin ran his PB of 2:25:44 and upped his marathons to 20-25 per year.  He is just the kind of athlete ROLL Recovery is designing products for.  People that push themselves beyond what they knew was possible – and having a great time doing it.[/one_two_last]