[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Rick Muhr – Boston Marathon Coach”] “I just received my R8 and could not be happier.  It arrived so quickly and was packaged perfectly.  I am a marathon running coach in the Boston area ( and train 500 runners per year for the Boston Marathon.

I have tried practically every available device (i.e., the stick, Trigger Point Therapy products, theraroll, etc.) and I think the R8 is superior to other products.

I have used it after every workout and I feel that it gets deeper into the muscles to flush out toxins and more effectlively works the entire muscle with less effort.

I will definitely be recommending this to my runners.” [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Amy Hastings – Professional Distance Runner”] TWEET “Love my new @ROLLRecovery for massage on the go! Exactly what I needed for pre-race in Japan!”


[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Brenda Martinez”]TWEET “@HastyHastings @ROLLRecovery I got one 2 weeks ago.  I really like it.  Works great!” [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Sean Daugherty”]TWEET “Just got my @ROLLRecovery R8 massage roller.  Best recovery tool out there.  Thanks Jeremy!”[/box][/one_two_last]


[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Kyle Leto – Professional Triathlete”]TWEET “Keeping my legs fresh while flying thanks to @ROLLRecovery!!!”


[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Addie Bracy – Elite Runner”]TWEET “Proud new owner of a @ROLLRecovery R8. This thing is the bees knees.”



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”John Klish – Elite Cyclist”]FACEBOOK “Traveling back home from Taiwan – you’ve got a new crowd in Taiwan! Can they order from there? 🙂 It’s been a great 7 days of racing for me with the R8 – they really helped me stay fresh day to day without having to try find a blind massager for each night after the races. I was able to flush the legs out quickly right after each stage. Then a bunch of the athletes tried it out in the bus as well after watching me use it. Super easy and awesome! Thanks!!!!” [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Silverfox Cavalari”]FACEBOOK “Just received my r8, used it after my tempo runs, you do notice a difference after using it. Can’t wait to see how works out over a good period of time. so far, great product!!!”[/box][/one_two_last]



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Natasha LaBeaud – Elite Runner”]FACEBOOK “I have been using my R8 Roll Recovery for the last week, and love the way that my legs feel after I flush them out! I have been grinding out a lot of miles lately, and can feel the difference after rolling them out post long marathon workout. I am definitely going to travel with this to races!”

After several weeks of using the R8, Natasha states,

“The R8 is recovery tool that has changed the way that I can recover. Instead of trying to stretch or foam roll areas of my body, I can use the R8 and feel it hitting all of the key areas.  I can use it to release tight spots, or use it to just flush out my legs after pounding out miles on the roads and track.  If you are looking for a way to keep your body healthy and feeling sharp, then I would fully recommend using roll recovery.”


[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Maura Musgrove”]FACEBOOK “Trying my New Running Toy! ♥

This is a new way to relax/massage my legs while I’m talking in the phone or texting! Thank you to the R8 and Adriana Nelson Pirtea for the great idea!”



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Mari Perez-Lewis – Massage Therapist”]FACEBOOK “As a massage therapist, this product caught my attention when one of my clients posted about it. Had the chance to test it out today and I am in love!!

Used it on my forearms (was a lot easier to do this on myself than I thought it would be) and I was amazed at how good it felt!! I also have a lot of hip flexor and gluteus issues due to years of dance and my sometimes lazy body mechanics as a bodyworker, so I’m anxious to start working on those areas as well.

Not only will I be ordering one for myself, I will be ordering one for the spa where I work for my LMT team to use for self care. Genius product, thank you!” [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Kara Lubienieki”]As compared to a foam roller:

“Way better! This has a spring do all the pressure where a foam roller you have to use your body to do the work, so the R8 creates better pressure in my opinion. Plus it’s super easy to use, you don’t feel like your flopping on the floor trying to find the right spot (how I feel on a foam roller haha)”[/box][/one_two_last]



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Chris Cowden”]FACEBOOK “Runners in Binghamton, NY trying the Roll Recovery R8 after the group run on 11/3/12. Thank you, Jeremy and Adriana and ROLL Recovery for introducing this fabulous product to our running community!” [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Wendy Thomas – Elite Runner”]FACEBOOK “Look what I got in the mail today. It’s amazing! If you are a runner you need one of these! Thanks guys!”[/box][/one_two_last]



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Coach Brad Hudson’s Training Group”]FACEBOOK  [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”MJ Moes”]”The R8 has exceeded expectations before and after all of our runs. We are spreading and showing the gospel of the R8! It’s a beast and the best!  Thank you Jeremy!”[/box][/one_two_last]



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Jordan Jones – Pro Triathlete”]TWEET “Loosening up w the new @rollrecovery massage roller after a morning run. Brilliant design.


[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Matthew Posh”]TWEET “It’s here! @ROLLRecovery I’ve outsourced my massage therapist.




[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Georgia Gould – Pro Mountain Biker”]TWEET “Mtb in the am, dirt bike in the pm= tired legs. No @waldekski means next best thing: self-massage with @rollrecovery!” [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Jason Hartmann – Pro Marathon Runner”]TWEET “Check out @ROLLRecovery and their product. It’s the new and improved massage stick.”[/box][/one_two_last]



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Ellen Bagnato”]”Hey Jeremy,

Just wanted to let you know that I’m loving my R8!  It’s totally awesome to have that level of pressure and have it be so easy to achieve.  I showed my running coach this morning, and he was enjoying it as well.  His name is Art Ives, in case you see him order one.

I had a 90% tear of my achilles tendon in Sept. 2011, and I’m now a full year post-surgery.  I have been a serious recreational runner since I began running at the tender age of 39 :), and I’ve found that my re-entry to running post-injury has been a bit of a stair-step pattern.  It’s frustrating, and a lot of my issues have been with muscles and the supporting cast learning how to work together again.  That, and a change to my running form (to hopefully address the underlying root cause of the tear, since it is so rare in runners — I was an efficient heel striker) has made me really need a lot more attention to massage.  Since I can’t afford twice-weekly massages, tools such as the R8 are terrific for me.  Thanks again for inventing it!


Ellen Bagnato” [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Bill”]”To all,

I’m 62 and bought one of your products based on an article in the local paper, The Plain Dealer, in Cleveland Ohio.

The article was written by the local fitness writer extolling the virtues of your product. That was enough or me because that guy try’s everything! If it works, he endorses it.

I had knee surgery last May and have recently started my own rehab program of riding a spinning bike for 45 minutes a day. After the “ride” I use the Roll Recovery on my calves and thighs. Does it work? I think so. I don’t have to roll on a Styrofoam roller which is difficult to do, therefore I don’t do it. There is no cramping and it’s like having a mini massage after working out.

I’m a fan.

Thank you.




[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Roninrunner”]”This thing is really impressive…  It’s just so much easier than foam rolling.  The build quality is great.”



[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Leigh Anne Guveiyian”]”For me, this has been a key recovery tool…”



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Sid Scheck”]”What a great product. It feels really really good… ooooooweeeeee! It really get’s in there.”


[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Pat Carroll”]FACEBOOK  “Just got my roll recovery. It’s better than the stick, tiger tail, foam roller, and even the classic softball. Here’s to healthy running. Thanks!”[/box][/one_two_last]







[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Andrew Runsanity Rose”]FACEBOOK  “The Roll Recovery R8 is the most amazing tool in my arsenault as a distance runner. I’ve been using it 5 days now and I’m finding that the muscles are a lot less tight and warming up a lot faster with continued use of the Roll Recovery R8. My piriformis is rapidly getting better with each passing day and use. Today I ran the best 6 miles I’ve run since the piriformis tightened up making everything including slow walks painful. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.” [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”John Messner”]FACEBOOK  “I just picked up my Roll Recovery tonight from my local running store. The results were amazing! MUCH better job targeting the sore muscles than my foam roller! I am sold!”[/box][/one_two_last]



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=””]

“What do you get when an endurance athlete from Boulder with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Product Creation combines brain-power with his wife (Professional marathoner Adriana Nelson, with her own degree in kinesiology) to design the next generation of self-myofascial release tools? The R8 from ROLL Recovery!

Using a series of urethane wheels mounted on a spring-tensioned chassis, the R8 auto-adjusts to the user’s limbs, working out trigger points and flushing tired muscles with blood to speed recovery.

“The idea for the R8 actually came from necessity,” says Jeremy Nelson, the founder of ROLL Recovery, and the creator of the R8. “I was really tired of self massaging myself and found foam rolling to be a chore and could never seem to find ‘my spots’ with the roller…I would rather put my effort into the workout or training than in foam rolling”.

As Nelson describes it, “The ROLL Recovery R8 is a self-massage tool that incorporates the necessary massage force in the tool to provide a deep tissue massage. The R8 is designed for self myofascial release of soft tissues, stimulating and increasing blood circulation, and for breaking up muscle adhesions and scar tissues. It can be used standing, sitting or lying, and is compact so it’s easy to travel with and take to workouts”. This makes it ideal for athletes who travel to meets, whether endurance races, powerlifting events, or CrossFit games.

Jeremy and the ROLL Recovery crew are letting Colorado locals know about the R8 at events where athletes gather, most recently at the Boulder Creek Fest. You can find them at events over the summer, or find the R8 on their website” [/box][/one_two_first]

[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer”]

“CLEVELAND, Ohio — I’m an easygoing guy. I go with the flow, take one day at a time.

Lately, though, I’ve also been rolling with it. “It,” that is, being an R8 Massage Roller, a therapeutic device of uncanny power, precision and convenience.

Forget your old foam roller. Not even the knobby types offer what the sturdy Roll Recovery R8 provides: a poignant, deep-tissue massage that squeezes fatigue right out of the legs.

Neither do standard therapy tools like that old foam roller rival the R8 for ease of use. No more clearing space on the floor or relying on body weight for pressure. The R8 ( works effectively while you are sitting in an easy chair or lying on the couch. It’s not quite as passive as the inflatable pants I tried last summer, but it’s close.

Here’s how it works.

Like an alligator’s mouth, the R8 consists of two spring-loaded, heavy-duty plastic jaws about 18 inches apart that want nothing more than to snap shut. Only instead of sharp teeth, each side of the R8, designed by an engineer with a love for endurance sports, is lined with four smooth wheels, the kind found on inline skates.

Stick a sore limb between the jaws, roll the device back and forth, and enjoy the sensation of eight wheels simultaneously flattening out kinks, releasing tension, and kneading away pesky clumps of lactic acid. So simple is the concept, it’s amazing no one thought of it earlier.

Where the device can be applied, the effect is incredible. Over the past few weeks, I’ve used the R8 all over my quadriceps, Achilles tendons, hamstrings, calves and feet, moving it around to hit my sore spots exactly. Not even the most aggressive use of a typical foam roller yields such direct, focused pressure.

Because the device opens widely and bends somewhat in the middle, I’ve even gotten it all the way up to my hip flexors. The rolling itself hurt, but each area came away feeling refreshed and limber, ready to perform again. I suppose it would also work on certain muscles in the arms.  READ MORE…“[/box][/one_two_last]


[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Men’s Journal”]

“The Roll Recovery R8 looks low-tech, but every athlete in the ‘Men’s Journal’ office who’s tried one lusts after it. Following a hard workout, you roll its polyurethane wheels over two leg muscle groups simultaneously, as torsion springs apply enough pressure to flush out lactic acid and, quite simply, make your legs feel good.”


[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide”]”The spring-loaded wheels on the R8 press hard against your legs from both directions, to work out tight spots on quads and hams (or IT bands and adductors) at the same time – without requiring you to contort around like a foam roller does.”



[one_two_first][box style=”quote” title=”Camille Herron – Professional Marathoner”]

“Just before I left for my trip to Ireland/South Africa, I received the Roll Recovery in the mail from my good friends Adriana and Jeremy Nelson. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, cause guess what… sitting on a plane for a gazillion hours does bad things to your butt and hamstrings!

I had tweaked my left hamstring last June at Grandma’s. After pro-actively treating it last summer, I decided to leave it alone, and the pain subsided. However, I know there’s lingering scar tissue cause it’s tight when I’ve tried to stretch or do drills, mainly near my butt. It got re-aggravated the first few days in Ireland, probably from sitting on the plane! The pain/tightness eventually subsided (enough to where I felt fine doing speedwork). However, I knew I needed to work on that hamstring-butt when I got home, so functionally I can get full ~hip extension/run smoothly… and not be favoring that leg (as I notice from videos/pictures)!

Enter the Roll Recovery– this thing is like a Vice Grip on your leg! I was actually a little scared the first time I tried it cause it forcefully clamped down, and I knew it might hurt! Then, I realized you can control the pressure. I also have The Stick and a Black Foam Roller– the Roll Recovery is like both of these combined, efficiently and aggressively working two sides of the leg. You can work a pinpointed spot, and it also gives an active stretch and massage of the muscle (clamping down firmly). Besides my hamstring, I also tend to get tight in my left groin/adductors, and the Roll Recovery is awesome for working this area. It’s also small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage.

If anyone is thinking about giving the Roll Recovery a try, I highly recommend it! I’m looking forward to using this after future marathons to enhance my recovery, while also continuing to work out the tightness in my left hamstring. Thank you Roll Recovery– Spiderwoman gives it two thumbs up!”


[one_two_last][box style=”quote” title=”Camille Herron – Professional Marathoner”] Self Massage Tools For Runners – Review

Roll Recovery (R8)– I previously blogged about this here. I’ve been using the R8 regularly (3-4x/week) on my quads, hamstrings, IT band, groin, and butt. I like to use it before I do my strength training. This is wayyy better than the foam roller for these areas– more aggressive and efficient! My left hamstring and groin have been tweaked the past 2 years, and I’ve totally worked out the kinks in these areas. I can feel my hip extension improving. You can also use it on your calves, but I haven’t had a need to use it here. If your hamstrings (or other mentioned areas) suck like mine do, you need to get your hands on this! It’s also small enough to travel with.

I keep discovering new ways to use my R8– you can watch the video from the Roll Recovery website on how they apply it. I like to bring the R8 rollers from behind my hamstring and bring it up to target my hamstring attachment, lower butt/external hip rotators, and also the medial/posterior hamstring/groin area (don’t neglect this area!). If you watch the video, they show how to target the piriformis.”



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