ROLL Recovery Offers to Pay All Athletes Entry Fees for 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

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PRESS RELEASE:  ROLL Recovery Offers to Pay All Athletes Entry Fees for 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Boulder, CO (February 5, 2016) — It has come to our attention that athletes are required to pay an entry fee of $30.00 to compete in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles on February 13. While we are not sure what this fee is for we are offering to reimburse athletes this $30.00 fee to show our support.

ROLL Recovery believes any entry fee is unnecessary when athletes have reached an Olympic qualifying mark and are invited for the opportunity to represent their country in the Olympic Games.

Significant revenue is already being generated through sponsorships and broadcasting. USATF has partnered with major sponsors such as Nike, Visa, BMW and Hershey’s to help support events hosted by USATF. Live coverage for the Olympic Trials Marathon will be broadcasted on the NBC Network. Given the revenue generated from these partnerships, we believe an entry fee is an unnecessary charge on the athletes. Founder of ROLL Recovery, Jeremy Nelson, had the following to say of the fee:

“Having family and staff competing in the Olympic Trials, it strikes me as odd they would have to pay for an event that will be televised nationally and is expected to draw significant revenue. Extending sponsorships, hosting premiere events in mass media markets and gaining broadcasting partners is great for the sport, but shouldn’t some of that success be extended to the athletes competing? After all, isn’t it them we’re watching?”

(Jeremy’s wife and Co-Founder of ROLL Recovery, Adriana Nelson, and Jeremy’s sister-in-law, Brianne Nelson, will both be competing in the Olympic Trials. ROLL Recovery staffers Andy Wacker, Nuta Olaru, Carlos Trujillo and Justin Young all hit OT qualifying marks.)

For the few A-qualifying athletes the flights and hotel will be reimbursed by USATF. B-qualifying athletes receive a “discounted” hotel rate of $300/night and must pay airfare. It is estimated the average Olympic Trials participant will spend about $1,500 for the event. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for an athlete and although the entry fee cost may seem minimal, we would like to offer what we can to show our support.

ROLL Recovery is a small company dedicated to the athletes it serves. We are offering to reimburse the entry fee or provide a $30.00 credit on our website ( for any athlete competing in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. If you are competing and reading this, please send an email to and we will respond with instructions on how to be reimbursed.

Thank you and best of luck to all competitors on February 13th.