ROLL Recovery to use Revenue Sharing Model for 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials T&F Athletes

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PRESS RELEASE:  ROLL Recovery to use Revenue Sharing Model for 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials T&F Athletes

Boulder, CO (June 24, 2016) – Since ROLL Recovery launched in 2012, elite athletes in the track and field community have been paramount to their growth and success.

For most of these athletes the Olympic Trials is the pinnacle of their careers and greatest opportunity to maximize their value to sponsors. However most never reach their true value and many remain unsponsored due to outdated apparel and uniform advertising regulations. Athletes are not permitted to wear non-apparel manufacturer logos such as ROLL Recovery or other sponsors who may support them year round.

In addition, most athletes receive zero or limited assistance or funding from the governing body that enforces these logo restrictions and continues to generate significant revenue.   This lack of support and compensation can be found at the national and international level.

ROLL Recovery Founder, Jeremy Nelson, had the following to say:

“For the Olympic Games to have an international governing body that generates billions of dollars in revenue from sponsors, broadcasting, ticketing and licensing we find it odd the athletes are left to fend for themselves. It’s a great honor for these athletes to compete for their country but that does not mean they shouldn’t be adequately compensated. I find it odd the Olympics do not have a direct revenue sharing model with the athletes. Isn’t it them we’re watching? Many within Track and Field will be rewarded and receive great contracts from shoe sponsors by competing in the Olympics but the same cannot be said for every sport. We’re proud to see USATF taking steps to distribute cash funds to athletes that qualify for the Olympic Games and World Championships.  At the moment it’s simply not enough to support our track and field athletes. We are excited for this opportunity to be able to help.” 

Many of the major sports have a revenue sharing model for the athletes. To show our appreciation to the athletes that have been paramount to our growth and success, and bring attention to a worthy cause, ROLL Recovery will use a revenue sharing model based on a customer’s sale and desire to support a particular Olympic Trials Track and Field athlete. 50% of a sale from will go to a customer’s selected athlete. Simply add the athlete’s name you’d like to support in the Support Athlete Box

The revenue sharing model will run for a week prior to the Olympic Trials beginning June 24 12:00AM and ending June 30 11:59PM. Athletes will be reached out to following the Trials.

ROLL Recovery is a small company dedicated to the athletes it serves.  For any questions email Best of luck to all of those competing.