Introducing the New

The StretchMat was specifically designed with the athlete in mind. The larger shape, soft-touch surface and 4mm of padding provides the surface area and sweat proof design every athlete needs to get down to business with stretching and pre/post workout rituals.



Athletes with a pre-workout / pre-race stretching ritual will appreciate the StretchMat, its wide surface area, soft touch, unique non-slip bottom that allows for full range of stretching exercises.

  • Large surface area for spreading out and stretching.
  • Easy fold-up design keeps it compact for on-the-go.
  • Soft-touch surface.
  • Unique non-slip bottom provides stable platform.
  • Dense 4mm inner foam core.
  • Designed for inside & outside.


Technical Specifications

  • Polyester soft-touch top surface.
  • 4mm high-dense PE foam core.
  • Slip-resistant PVC molded bottom surface.
  • 130 x 130 cm.
  • 1.0 lb weight.


Use Anywhere

Bring your StretchMat to workouts, races or in front of the best view you can find.

  • Waterproof bottom surface.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Snow, mud, rain - no problem.